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We are the fastest-growing healthy meal plan company in UAE. We provide food for the brain that is essential for students and busy professionals. We put a lot of effort and expertise into preparing each meal so that you can get the best for your body and brain.

All our meal plans are 100% customizable as per your taste, eating habits, and nutritional requirements. You can select from various diet plans and further customize that as per your need. If you are still determining how much calories you should take each day, you can always talk to your expert nutritionists. Our specially designed meals are highly effective for students and professionals who need an active brain.

We deliver fresh, healthy, brain-boosting meal plans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates of the UAE. Our daily delivery brings fresh meals to you every day.


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How is Nutristein different from other meal plan companies?

Dubai has multiple choices when it comes to healthy meal deliveries. What sets us apart from others is our specially curated brain-boosting healthy meals. Moreover, you can expect any level of customization that satisfies both your health and taste goals.

Research shows your brain functions can be improved by eating specific foods. We provide brain-boosting monthly food delivery service in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE.

All our meals are carefully designed to improve concentration and mental abilities while keeping in mind the specialized requirement of diet plans for students and busy working professionals.


Why do I need special food for my brain?

The brain is the control center of the body. Your diet plays an important role in how well your brain functions, and it can enhance your mental abilities like memory and concentration. Food like omega-3 fatty acids, green leafy vegetables, and certain seeds are necessary for learning new things and boosting memory. Your brain requires them to create new brain and nerve cells.

Just like you need a high protein diet for muscle building, your brain also needs the right nutrients to boost your brain power. Our Dubai nutritionist suggests adding these essential nutrients in a balanced amount can support healthy brain development in students and prevent brain cell degeneration in adults.


How does Nutristein help me or my child boost my brain power?

Children’s brains function best when they eat a balanced diet, which offers both long- and short-term advantages. Egs, fatty salmon, and oats are examples of meals that can balance blood sugar and improve brain function. However, it takes work to include healthy ingredients in diet plans for school students. Most college students relish unhealthy snacks and high calories food.

Nutristein becomes your solution. Our chefs and nutritionists together create a menu that your kids love and enjoy. You choose your flavors, and we choose the recipes. We believe in establishing enjoyable and healthy eating habits for life.


Do teenagers need DHA?

People often associate DHA with toddlers and babies, thanks to the advertising industry. No doubt, the requirement is absolutely crucial during infancy and pregnancy when maximum brain development happens. Still, DHA plays a vital role in maintaining better focus and concentration in healthy teenagers. Higher DHA levels have been linked to better results on various cognitive tests.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Oily fish like salmon, anchovies and walnuts are some of the richest sources of DHA. Teenagers must receive this vital component through food that helps them perform better at school and in life. Studies claim that teenagers with adequate DHA in adolescence are less likely to have a psychotic breakdown later in life.


What is the relationship between food and mood?

'Food for thought’ is not just a phrase but a life lesson. The quality of food you eat and the environment in which you eat food affect your physical and psychological health. Moreover, the food you eat directly affects the structure and function of the brain, ultimately, your mood. Your brain performs best when it receives premium fuel, just like an expensive car. Eating nutritious foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourishes the brain and guards against oxidative stress caused by free radicals (waste that can harm cells). However, just like an expensive car, adding low-quality fuel to your body will eventually kill your engine.

Though sweet and starchy food may help you feel calmer and happier for a short period, consuming these regularly can adversely impact you. The sudden happiness you feel after eating comfort food is mainly because of serotonin (a happy chemical in the brain), which is released after eating sugary and starchy food. Only a sustainable, nutrient-rich diet can help you keep calmer, even during stressful situations.