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Muscle Gain Meal Plan

Exemplified muscle gain through healthy meal plans.

Our Expertise

Meals that Support Healthy Muscle Gain

Hitting the gyms, doing cardio exercises and working with equipment will not suffice if you don’t complement them with a healthy meal. Eating the right food in proportionate amounts will aid in your muscle gain journey by helping you achieve your goal.

At Nutristein, we curate plans that will facilitate the growth of muscles through healthy meals. We include protein-rich ingredients that promote the development of muscles. You end up having a tasteful platter that helps build muscles.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Specialties

We aim not only to serve you food, but to build up a wholesome life for you that is healthy, conscious, and long-lasting.


Various Cuisines

To keep up your interest in food, we have ensured that our menu is filled with dishes that represent cuisines from all around the world. There is something for everyone on our menu.


Daily Delivery

The freshness of your meal determines how potent its nutrients are. This is why we make sure that we deliver our meals to you every day no matter where in the UAE you are residing in.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

At Nutristein, we believe in giving back to the environment. As such, we have ensured that our food packages are made of eco-friendly biodegradable material that helps contribute towards sustainability.


Tailored for Adults & Teens

What works for one age group doesn’t necessarily have to work for another age group. With this thought, we prepare our meals separately for adults and teens with their respective interests in mind.

How It Works

3 Steps to Reach Your Healthy Goals

To achieve your health goals, it is crucial to have a systematic approach that is linear and simple to follow. We have prepared a simple process to facilitate this for you through the following steps.

Choose Your Healthy Meal Plan

Based on your requirements, preferences, and lifestyle choices, we have categorised distinct meal plans for you to choose from. Pick the one that will give you the best shot at achieving your health goal.

Customise Your Diet

Within each category of meal, you will find the opportunity to customise it as your heart desires. Remember, customising a meal helps in making it resemble your lifestyle and in giving better results.

Confirm Your Details

Finally, confirm your address and payment methods so that we can deliver our freshly prepared meals right to your doorstep. Developing healthy eating habits has never been easier before than this.

What We Offer

Our Healthy Meal Plans

Take a glance at the numerous diets we have to offer for you. They are available in both adult and teen variants and you can pick them accordingly.


Signature Diet

A signature diet is a wholesome diet plan based on your preferred meal and requirements. It provides a flexible meal option.


Gluten & Dairy Free

While some opt for this diet due to allergic reactions, others opt for its potential to make them feel more energised.


Ketosis Diet

Our keto meal plans focus on high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb foods. It limits processed and sugary foods for healthy body.


Vegetarian Diet

A healthy vegetarian meal plan emphasizes plant-based foods rich in nutrients like vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts.


Arabic Fusion Diet

An Arabic fusion diet is the unison of some of the most delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine with decadent flavours.

Why Choose Us

The Benefits We Bring Along

Gaining muscles has never been more fun than it is with us, especially when we combine it with benefits such as:

Menu curated by experts
Fresh and local produce
Fast deliveries and easy returns

Caring and Fulfilling Your Daily Nutritional Needs

If you don’t quantify the amount of nutrients in your diet, you are doing a great injustice to your health. Thankfully, we, at Nutristein, are always at your aid.

Genius Assistance

Nutritionist Consultation

No matter how much you feel you are aware of your current health status and your needs and requirements, you can never have too much help in this regard. With our in-house nutritionists by your side, you can rest assured you will always walk on the right side of your health.

Consultation for Adults

Feel free to reach out to our expert nutritionists and speak to them regarding your current health condition and where you want to reach in terms of health in the future. They will help in creating a bridge between the two.

Consultation for Teens

The earlier in your life you seek consultation, the better odds you give yourself at remaining healthy. Our in-house nutritionists are always present to assist you in making smart food choices.

Have A Question?


Get Answers to common questions related to the muscle gain meal plans.

We answer some of the most common questions to give you more clarity on our muscle gain meal plan.

As the name suggests, our muscle gain diet plan is specially curated with ingredients that help boost the development of your muscles, thereby helping to grow, shape up, and tone your muscles.

It is subjective and differs from person to person but usually, three healthy meals per day and some healthy snacks between them will suffice in gaining muscles.

For bodybuilding, you need to focus on a protein-rich diet that will aid in boosting your muscle growth and will help in defining them. Eggs, spinach, beans, chicken, and cottage cheese are some of the items that will assist you in bodybuilding.

Yes, you can choose specific foods as per your needs and requirements. We also take into consideration any allergies that you might have and remove them while preparing your meal.

Yes, we have a vegetarian plan for muscle gain. It is a myth that without chicken and eggs, you can’t grow muscles. Although they help boost muscles, many vegetarian alternatives help in the same as well.

Yes, we provide a weekly trial for you to get an idea of how our meal service plan works. You can opt for it before signing up for a whole plan.