Fri Dec 09 2022

How Meal Plan can help you in healthy living: Benefits and Struggles

"Preparing your meal plan ahead of time can help you achieve your health objectives."

Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscles or just follow a healthy diet routine, meal planning is the cornerstone to all your health goals. A foolproof meal plan is a helpful way to ensure that you are eating right and providing the right nutrition to your body. For many healthy eating is more of a necessity than a choice such as people trying for weight loss, suffering from diabetes or allergic to gluten. And few chose to follow an alternative meal plan such keto diet or vegan diet.

No matter what diet you follow, it is essential that you plan your meals ahead of time to stay consistent and not deprive your body the vital nutrients. It is easy to choose a healthy lifestyle but staying consistent is a big challenge. Most people are stuck in a vicious loop of healthy and unhealthy eating habits, where they follow a strict diet on weekdays, but by the weekend, they again fall prey to their indulgence and break the diet. And on Monday again the healthy routine begins that lasts only till the weekend. To keep yourself motivated to follow a meal plan is a real struggle that experts have also acknowledged.

Meal planning can be the answer all your meal problems. There are several amazing benefits of meal planning that can help you reach your health goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your overall health or reduce mealtime stress, a well-planned meal schedule can be the key. These are some of the well-known advantages of planning your meals ahead of time.

Benefits of meal planning

• Saves Time: Food decision-making is one of the most time-consuming activities. Moreover, it becomes more difficult when you are hungry, and you have no idea what to cook. Endlessly staring at the insides of your fridge or pantry only wastes more time. If you have a meal plan ready, you exactly know what to make and reach the required ingredients in minutes. The few hours you spend on the weekend making your meal plan and shopping and prepping for it saves a whole lot of time during weekdays. Moreover, you can adjust our meal plan that fit the time and energy you may have the next week.

• Eating variety: The more diverse your meal plan is, the more varied can be your nutrition intake. Your daily meals must ensure that it has the right amount of all 5 components of food, i.e., complex carbs, protein, fats, minerals/vitamins and water. Moreover, you can increase the diversity of your plate by changing the ingredients every day. For example, you can have different types of protein each day, chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, legumes, etc.

• Clean Eating: Clean eating is all about eating whole foods devoid of preservatives and additives. A lack of a meal plan can force you to add processed food such as store-bought sauces, etc. If you plan in advance, you shop accordingly and ensure you do not eat anything that has hidden salt, sugar or chemicals.

• Customization: You can only satiate your hunger by eating the food you like. No one but you know what are your likes and dislikes are when it comes to food and life in general. Customize your meals the way you or your family like. If you follow a particular diet like keto or pescatarian or have dietary restrictions such as diabetes or gluten-free, you need a higher level of customization in your meals. When you decide what you are going to eat the whole week, it helps to stay consistent with the personalized diet.

• Less wastage of food: Writing down a weekly menu beforehand saves you from hoarding groceries that you rarely use. A meal plan keeps you focused. It is easier to decide by focusing only on th required ingredients for the weekly planned meals. In this way, you can also eliminate unnecessary items in your shopping cart. This saves not only your time but money.

Why Following a Meal Plan Tough?

Meal plans have been a staple of the fitness and nutrition industry for a long time. Coaches are instructed on how to make them. Clients have learned to expect them. But sadly, most of the time, meal plans do not work. Though many people try to improve their eating habits through a meal plan, not many succeed. Many claims meal plans rarely last and are believed to be not sustainable. Below are the main reasons why a meal plan usually fails.

• Busy life: In a megacity like Dubai, people lead a busy life. Following a meal plan means planning, shopping, prepping and cooking—it's lots of work. Healthy diet for a busy lifestyle in Dubai can be tricky. Moreover, if you are following a special diet plan like muscle gain or weight loss, then you may have to prepare two meals, one for you and one for your family.

• Plenty of unhealthy distractions: When you are returning home after a tiring day, you may not feel motivated enough to go and cook. You might either eat out, get a takeaway or order in. You rarely end up ordering anything healthy. In every corner of Dubai, you can get the tastiest food options. However, finding healthy meals can be tricky. It is easier to get distracted when so many indulging options are available.

• Portion control: How much you eat is equally important as what you eat. Even the most nutritious, low-calorie diet can have an adverse effect if you overeat. Many people struggle with portion control when they cook at home. It either ends up in your stomach or in the bin. With a healthy meal delivery service in Dubai, you can check what and how much you are eating. The meals are packed exactly according to your dietary requirements.

• Shopping: Another important part of meal planning is ingredient shopping. Humans are creatures of habit; that is why it is very much possible your grocery cart may look similar every week. When ingredients lack diversity, your meals may also lack variety. And when you end up having the same food often, you will surely get bored soon. Healthy meal deliveries in Dubai like VMeals can solve this problem. Not only can you completely ignore grocery shopping with meal deliveries, but you can also enjoy exotic ingredients which you otherwise may not purchase because of big price tags. For example, a variety of fishes, exotic fruits like avocado and a range of nuts. The meal delivery service also ensures you eat variety of fruits and vegetables.

• Lack of knowledge: The meal you prepare should include all five elements of a healthy diet: complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral, and water. Preparing a meal that is rich in all of these sources will help you and your family stay healthier. To improve nutrient absorption, you must know the right way to cook an ingredient. One should always keep in mind the portion size required by the family. Moreover, pre-prepare the dough, soak the legumes, and marinate the meat ahead of time. The ignorance of cooking techniques might become a hinderance in achieving your health goals.

• Specialized diets: Meal planning becomes painstakingly difficult when you are on a specialized diet like keto, gluten or dairy-free, vegetarian, etc. Sometimes you do not have enough knowledge, and other times you do not know whether the store-bought ingredients fully support your diet choices. Healthy meal delivery services in Dubai can solve these problems by curating customized meals for you while taking care of your dietary concerns.


It's all about feeling good, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood when you eat a healthy diet. A person's overall health and well-being depend on good nutrition, physical activity, and maintaining healthy body weight.

The significance of eating healthy foods in your life is paramount, and there is no argument about it. You may be prone to diseases, infection, or even exhaustion if you do not maintain a proper diet for a healthy body. Meal planning can be your answer to sustainable healthy living and effectively reaching your health goals. However, if you are a busy professional, student, or even a home maker, try hiring a professional nutritionist to create a customized meal plan. VMeals boxes gives you timely, portion controlled, customized, and tasty food, right at your doorstep.