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What We Offer?

Healthy Meal Plans in Dubai

Food is not just the source of energy for the body, but it takes care of overall wellness. Bad food habits can make you feel sluggish, affect your performance, and can even lead to depression, whereas the right food can keep you energetic and take care of your overall health.

We provide the best healthy meal plans in Dubai. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies, juices, and much more. With us, you get everything that your body needs.


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Why Choose Us?

Healthy Meals for a Healthy Life

If a busy lifestyle and wrong food choices make you lose the pace to compete and excel, we can help you figure out the right diet plan. Our Dubai meal plans are designed and crafted with your lifestyle in mind.

Diet Plan for Everyone

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, need more energy for sports, or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have a suitable diet plan for you.

Customized Meals

We provide 100% customized meal plans in Dubai and across the UAE. We can exclude your allergies, intolerances and include what suits you.

Free Delivery across UAE

We provide free daily delivery of all our meal plans in UAE. So irrespective of your location, you can get fresh healthy meals every day.

How It Works?

Healthy Eating in 3 Easy Steps

Get fresh, ready-to-eat, securely packed, and nutritious meals right at your doorstep every day. We deliver healthy meals in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all emirates of the UAE. You can enjoy energy boosting healthy meals while sitting at home or in the office with three simple steps.

Choose Your Healthy Meal Plan

Pick the perfect plan from the specially curated range of Dubai meal plans. We have a variety of diet plans. You can choose one as per your eating habits and diet preferences.

Customise Your Diet

Irrespective of which diet plan you choose, you can further customize that as per the number of meals, plan duration, allergies, nutritional needs, and a lot of other parameters.

Confirm Your Details

Confirm your diet preferences, calorie requirements, delivery options, and complete address. Finally, take the first step toward your healthy life by confirming the order details.

What do we serve?

Our Healthy Meal Plans

There is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to food. Our expert nutritionists have curated healthy meal plans to suit the individualized nutritional requirements of everyone. Our effective diet plans in Dubai empower and enrich your body and overall health.


Weight Loss

Our weight loss diet plan can help you achieve the right body weight with delicious meals prepared as per your food habits.



If you are healthy and want to maintain your weight with nutritious food, our wellness meal plan is perfect for you.



Our keto meal plan focuses on high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb diets. It limits processed and sugary foods.


Muscle Gain

Our muscle gain meal plan provides the required nutrients for bodybuilding. It can be customized based on your calorie needs.



Athletes and sportspeople need a special diet. Our athlete meal plan can provide the energy needed for sports activities.


What Our Customer Say About Us

The food was great and the meals were on point. Best part was that there was a variety in the menu, overall I enjoyed it and achieved my daily goals.

Waseem Shaban Model

Nutristein fitness meal plans were fantastic! They provided delicious and nutritious meals that were perfectly tailored to help me reach my fitness goals. The variety of options ensures that you never get bored, and the portion sizes were just right. With Nutristein, eating healthy has been easier. Highly recommend it!

Haseeb Baloosh Fitness and Food Blogger
Healthy Meals, Every Day

Healthy Food for Healthy Body

We understand there is no general approach when it comes to food. Our expert nutritionists and chefs have curated healthy food plans in Dubai to suit the individualized nutritional requirements of all age groups.

We deliver healthy meal plans in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all over the UAE.

Genius Assistance

Nutrition Consultation

We not only provide you fresh delicious meals every day but also customize them according to your requirements. You can talk to our nutritionist to know the exact calorie requirements and the most suitable meal plan for you.

Free Diet

If you are looking for healthy meal plans and are not sure about the nutritional factors, we can help you. Your diet will be based on your health goals and food habits.

Know What You Need

If you are a working professional and need an extra dose of energy naturally from your diet, our nutrition expert can provide you precisely what you need.

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Get the Answers to the Common Questions related to Diet Plans

Dubai has multiple choices when it comes to healthy meal deliveries. What sets us apart from other meal plan companies in Dubai is our specially curated, energy-boosting, healthy meals. Moreover, you can expect any level of customization that satisfies both your taste and health goals.

The price of our meal plan in Dubai depends on the type of diet you need and the portion size. It starts at AED 2,500 per month and can reach a higher amount based on your requirements. You can talk to our consultant for the exact price.

If you are unsure which meal plan you should go for, you can book a consultation with our nutritionist, and we will guide you based on your health goals and other requirements.

Having a well-balanced meal means eating in the proper proportions. Even the healthiest dish can cause alternate results if you overeat. We understand the importance of portion control, which is why all our meals are customized according to your calorie requirements. Moreover, our digestive system works best when not overloaded with food, and portion control helps keep your calorie intake in check and prevents bloating and indigestion.

Yes, you can change your delivery address for any meal plan in UAE. We only need a 48-hour notice for the address change and a time slot. For a diet plan change, adding allergies/dislikes/intolerances, the change will take place after 48 hours.

Our meal plan in Dubai includes three main meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), along with a snack, dessert, and drink.