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This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is provided by Nutristein, having its registered office at Shop 5, Oxford Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“Company,” “we,” “us,” “our”).

While availing our services, to efficiently assist you and for such other purposes as detailed in this Policy, we may collect and process certain personal information that we receive from you (“you” or “your”). This Policy shall govern the manner of collection of personal information, the reasons for such collection, storage and use of personal information, and your with respect to such personal information processed, collected or stored by us.

If you choose to use any of our services, then you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Policy. The personal information that we collect is used to provide and improve our services. We shall not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Policy.

We are the controller of personal data obtained via our website, meaning we are the organization legally responsible for deciding how and for what purposes it is used.

Please read the following information carefully to understand how we handle, manage and store your personal information. If you have any queries regarding the provisions of this Policy, please get in touch with Mr. Mishkum Noor, as per the contact details set out at the end of this Policy.

This Policy shall apply only to residents of the UAE as per the applicable laws as effective and binding in the UAE.


“We gather personal information from you during our business interactions. This happens when you reach out to us, request information (including through live chat), engage with our nutritionists or consultants, participate in nutritional assessments, provide feedback or instructions, or use our website. Additionally, your relationship with our personnel may also result in the collection of personal data.”

“We collect various types of personal information as part of our business operations. Here’s a breakdown of what we process:

1.    Basic Identifiable Information:

o This includes details like your namedate of birthgender, and contact information (such as email, physical address, and phone numbers).

2.    Identity Verification Data:

o We need certain information to verify and authenticate your identity. This might involve details from your passportofficial identification numbers, or data obtained from publicly available sources.

3.    Delivery Addresses:

o Any delivery addresses you provide for orders or subscription plans are also part of the information we process.

4.    Health and Dietary Information:

o We handle data related to your diet preferenceshealthallergies, and any specific treatments you’re undergoing or have undergone.

5.    Financial Transaction Details:

o If applicable, we collect transactional details such as bank account or card information.

6.    Device and Location Data:

o We gather information specific to your device and location, including your IP addressbrowser details, and traffic data. This data comes from your interactions with our website, app, and marketing emails.

7.    User-Submitted Data:

o Any data you provide directly, such as your interestspreferenceschat history, and comments, falls into this category. It may also include special categories of personal data.

8.    Additional Information:

o Lastly, we process any other relevant information you choose to share with us.

We collect your personal information in the following ways:

1.    Subscription and Onboarding:

o When you subscribe to our services or onboard with us, we gather relevant information.

o This includes customer support and management activities.

2.    Service Provision:

o During the course of providing services, we collect data related to your engagement with us.

3.    User Choices:

o If you choose specific parameters or avail services through our website, we record that information.

4.    Communication Interaction:

o When you contact us regarding our services or respond to our invites, marketing, or promotional communications, we collect relevant data.

5.    Data Sources:

o We collect information directly from you, through your website interactions, and from third-party sources.

o Third-party sources may include platform operators, other organizations you deal with, regulators, credit reporting agencies, and publicly available records.

6.    Confidentiality and Protection:

o The information you provide may be confidential.

o We maintain confidentiality and protect your data as required by professional obligations and applicable laws.

o Our personnel and service providers also adhere to strict confidentiality measures.


“We only use the personal information we collect about you if we have obtained your consent (where necessary) or if there’s a lawful basis for doing so. These lawful bases include performing a contract, complying with legal obligations, protecting vital interests, pursuing legitimate interests (unless overridden by your rights), and other purposes specified when collecting your data.”

Here are the purposes for which we process your personal information:

1.    Providing and Customizing Services:

o We use your data to provide and tailor our services to your needs.

o This includes informing you about upcoming offers, discounts, promotions, events, and related services.

2.    Customer Management and Support:

o We handle customer-related activities, such as processing payments, billing, and collections.

o Our support services ensure a smooth experience for you.

3.    Analytics and Third-Party Vendors:

o We analyze data for insights and share relevant information with third-party vendors and partners.

4.    Information Technology Security:

o We manage and secure access to our IT systems.

o Monitoring helps prevent fraudulent or illegal activities on our website.

5.    Legal Rights and Proceedings:

o We may use your data to enforce our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

6.    Contact Details Accuracy:

o Keeping your contact details up-to-date ensures effective communication.

7.    Ancillary Purposes:

o Any other purposes related to the above or as specified when you provided your personal data.

Client Relationship Management 

We maintain a database and email list program of our client details, which is used to inform and update our clients about any changes, additions, or modifications of our services, rates, promotions, offers, discounts, publications, newsletters, trends and events. Our email correspondences may contain tracking technologies to track subscriber activity relating to engagement, demographics and other data and to build subscriber profiles. We use this as a means by which to undertake direct marketing.
You are entitled to cease receiving marketing materials from us at any time by changing your preferences for receiving our marketing emails and updates, including opting to unsubscribe by following the instructions specified in the marketing emails or via the websites.

Email Marketing Privacy Policy

At Nutristein, we value your privacy and strive to be transparent about how we handle your personal information. This privacy policy specifically covers our email marketing practices. Please read this carefully to understand how we collect, use, and protect your data.

1.    What Information We Collect:

o We collect the following details about our subscribers:

§ Email addresses

§ Names

§ Locations

§ Birthdates (if provided)

§ Other data gathered during sign-up

2.    How We Use Your Information:

o We use this information to:

§ Intimate and update you about changes, additions, and modifications to our services, rates, promotions, and offers.

§ Share publications, newsletters, trends, and event updates.

§ Build subscriber profiles for better engagement and personalized content.

3.    Tracking Technologies:

o Our email correspondences may contain tracking technologies (such as web beacons) to monitor:

§ Subscriber activity

§ Demographics

§ Engagement data

4.    Direct Marketing:

o We use email marketing as a means of direct communication.

o You have the right to opt out of receiving marketing materials anytime.

5.    How to Unsubscribe:

o To stop receiving marketing emails:

§ Follow the instructions in our marketing emails.

§ Visit our website and adjust your preferences.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


1.    What Are Cookies?:

o Imagine cookies as small digital tags that websites place on your browser.

o These tags help websites remember you and your preferences.

o Just like how a bakery cookie remembers your favorite flavor, digital cookies remember your online activities.

2.    Types of Cookies:

o  First-Party Cookies: Placed by the website you visit.

o  Third-Party Cookies: Set by external services (like Google or Facebook) to track your behavior across different sites.

  1. How Do They Work?:
    • When you visit a site, it hands you a cookie.
    • Your browser stores it in your device’s memory.
    • The next time you visit, the site recognizes you.
  1. What Do Cookies Do?:
    • They collect data about your:
      • Device (like your laptop or phone)
      • Website preferences
      • Time spent on pages
      • Clicks and interactions
      • Browsing history

5.    Why Do Websites Use Cookies?:

o To make your experience better:

§ Remembering your login status

§ Customizing content for you

§ Showing relevant ads

§ Tracking your activity

6.    Managing Cookies:

o Most browsers notify you when a new cookie arrives.

o You can choose to accept or refuse them.

o If you say no, some website features might not work.

Remember, cookies are like digital crumbs that help websites serve you better. You decide whether to accept or reject them! 

1.    What Are Tracking Cookies?:

o Imagine tracking cookies as digital footprints left by visitors on a website.

o They collect data about user behavior, preferences, and interactions.

Tracking cookies helps personalize content and improve user experience.

2.    Google Analytics and Similar Tools:

o Google Analytics is like a detective for websites.

o It tracks unique visitors, their first visit time, session details, and more.

o It helps website owners understand user patterns and optimize their sites.

3.    What Data Do Tracking Cookies Collect?:

o Unique visitor ID

o First visit timestamp

o Current session start time

o Total visit count

o Conversion and transaction attribution

o When a website visit ends

4.    How Do Browsers Handle Cookies?:

o Most browsers give you the option to accept or reject cookies.

o If you disable cookies, some site features may not work properly.

1.    Custom Tracking Process:

o On our meal plan customization page, we’ve created a custom coded tracking process.

o This process helps us locate and track our clients.

o It’s like a digital map that follows your journey on our website.

2.    Segment Services:

o In the future, we might use segment services on our website.

o These services help us profile our customers.

o Think of it as organizing data into different groups based on behavior and preferences.

3.    Cookies and Your Choice:

o When you visit our site, we send cookies to your device.

o You have a choice:

§ Accept: Let the cookies do their job (tracking and personalization).

§ Refuse: Opt out if you prefer not to be tracked.

o Keep in mind that refusing cookies might limit your access to certain parts of our services.

it’s all about balancing convenience and privacy! 

Sharing personal information 

We collect personal information from various sources, including direct interactions with you, publicly available records, and third-party services. This information is used to provide and customize our services, customer management, analytics, and legal compliance. We also use cookies and tracking technologies to enhance your experience on our website. You have the option to accept or refuse cookies. Additionally, we maintain confidentiality and protect your data according to professional obligations and applicable laws.

Here are the key points regarding content uploads and postings on our services:

1.              Content Uploads:

• Users can upload various types of content (pictures, videos, reviews, testimonials, audio files, etc.).

• These postings are governed by our Terms and Conditions.

2.              Public Availability:

• Any personal information you submit, display, or publish becomes publicly available.

• Others may read, collect, use, and disclose this information.

• We encourage users to exercise discretion and caution when sharing personal details.

We may need to share your personal information with third parties to efficiently provide our services. These third parties include legal counsels, accountants, government or regulatory authorities, logistics and delivery agents, dieticians, nutritionists, professional indemnity insurers, and tax authorities. Such disclosure will only occur with your consent or when required by law. It may also be necessary for legal proceedings or to exercise or defend legal rights. Importantly, we do not sell, rent, distribute, or commercially make personal information available to any third party.

In addition to our services, we utilize third-party technology services, including cloud security systems. These services may involve storing your personal information in the cloud, managed by the relevant service provider. Rest assured, we prioritize security and compliance to safeguard your data.

Retention of Personal Information 

“We will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide our services to you. After that, we will retain it for any legal, contractual, or business purposes.”


Here are some fundamental data protection rights that are likely available to most data subjects, subject to applicable law:

1.    Withdraw Consent: If any processing of your personal information is based on your express consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. However, keep in mind that withdrawing consent won’t affect the lawfulness of processing that occurred before the withdrawal.

2.    Access and Rectification: You can request access to your personal information and ask for rectifications, edits, or erasure of any inaccuracies. Additionally, you have the right to restrict processing or object to it. You can also request data portability.

3.    Objecting and Restricting: On legitimate grounds, you can object to the processing of your personal information. You can also request that processing be restricted.

4.    Complaints: If you believe your data protection rights have been violated, you can lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection authority. For example, in the case of the DIFC, you can contact the Commissioner of Data Protection.

Remember that these rights may vary depending on local laws and regulations. If you have specific concerns, it’s always a good idea to consult legal advice or the relevant authorities.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned above, or any other rights available to you under applicable law, please feel free to contact our Chief Information Officer, Mr. Mishkum Noor. You can reach him using the following contact details:

Mr. Noor will be happy to assist you with any inquiries or requests related to your personal information. Your privacy and data protection are our top priorities! 

Information security :

We appreciate your understanding and commitment to data security. While we have taken reasonable steps to safeguard your personal information, it’s essential to recognize that no method of transmitting data over the internet or electronic storage is entirely infallible. Absolute security cannot be guaranteed.

By posting and sharing personal information through our website, you acknowledge and accept this inherent risk. In doing so, you agree to waive any claims against us and relinquish any right to seek legal relief due to any potential misuse of personal information.

Your privacy remains a priority, and we continue to enhance our security measures to protect your data. If you have any further concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to our Chief Information Officer, Mr. Mishkum Noor. Thank you for entrusting us with your information! 

Links to Other Sites

Our services and website may contain links to other sites. When you click on a third-party link (including payment processes, sponsor websites, or other external resources), you’ll be directed to that specific site. It’s essential to understand the implications of visiting external websites:

1.    Third-Party Responsibility:

o These external sites are not operated by us.

o We assume no responsibility for their content, privacy policies, or practices.

o Your interactions with external websites are at your own risk.

2.    Review Privacy Policies:

o Before using services or engaging in transactions on external sites, review their privacy policies.

o Understand how they handle your personal information.

3.    Exercise Caution:

o While we’ve implemented security measures, no internet transmission method is entirely secure.

o By posting and sharing personal information through our website, you accept this inherent risk.

Children privacy 

Underage Users and Data Protection:

Our services are not intended for individuals under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 18. If we become aware that a child under 18 has provided us with personal information, we will promptly delete such data from our servers.

Parents and Guardians: If you are a parent or guardian and are aware that your child has shared personal information with us, please contact us immediately. We will take the necessary actions to address the situation.

Your child’s privacy and safety are important to us. Thank you for your vigilance! 

Change to this privacy notice 

Our privacy policy may undergo changes periodically. Here’s how we handle updates:

1.    Material Changes:

o If significant changes are made, we will notify you in advance.

o Transparency is our priority.

2.    Effective Date:

o Otherwise, changes become effective once the amended Policy is posted on our website.

3.    Stay Informed:

o Please check back regularly to stay informed about any updates.

o Your awareness matters to us.

Governing law 

The Policy is governed by the federal laws of the UAE.

1.    Dispute Resolution:

o Any disputes or differences between you and us related to this Policy will be conclusively settled through arbitration.

o A sole arbitrator will apply the relevant rules of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).

o The arbitration language will be English, and the place of arbitration will be the Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE.

2.    Arbitration Award:

o The award resulting from arbitration will be binding on the involved parties.

o It will serve as an alternative to other available remedies.

3.    Small Claims Tribunal (SCT):

o For disputed claims of less than AED 500,000, parties may choose to have the claim decided by the Small Claims Tribunal within the DIFC Courts, Dubai.

Contact Details

If you have any inquiries regarding data protection or our handling of your personal data, please feel free to reach out to our Chief Information Officer. You can find their contact details below:

We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your information, and our Chief Information Officer will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have.