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About Us

Affordable Meal Plan Company in Dubai

About Us

We Deliver Energy Boosting Meal Plans

Araj has been recognised as one of the youngest tech food and beverage entrepreneurs in the UAE.”

Araj Hassan


Our Mission:

Our mission is to make the world smarter and healthier!

Our Vision:

We can help people achieve greater goals with healthy body and mind.


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Our Advantages

Fresh Meal Plan Delivery Every Day!

We deliver fresh meals to your doorsteps every day. If a busy lifestyle and wrong food choices make you lose the pace to compete and excel, We Can Help!

Give a power boost to your brain by enriching it with the right nutrients with our specially designed nutritious meal plans.

Our Expertise

We Can Help You Create A Healthy Lifestyle

Food is not just the source of energy for the body but the Brain too. Bad food habits can make you feel sluggish, affect your brain performance, and can even lead to low productivity.

We are pleased to help you get the necessary nutrients for the body and the brain and make it more productive. Let the greatest physicist in the world feed your body and brain with enough power that you will even be able to create “the world’s most famous equation.” We are here to give back to the world. We are here to help you to become a better version of yourself!