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Wellness Meal Plan

An optimal way to maintain wellness

Wellness Meal Plan
Maintaining wellness is just a sign-up away

Wellness Diet Plans

If you are aiming to maintain the wellness of your health, you need to consciously make smart choices in your lifestyle, and the most effective way to achieve that is by making a dietary shift.

Strengthening you from within and boosting your overall health, our wellness meal plan in Dubai offers a positive change in your life with long-term benefits that rejuvenate you and satiate your nutritional needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

What to Expect?

By getting recognized as one of the best wellness meal plan companies in Dubai, we have garnered the trust of fitness-conscious people who want to incorporate a healthier diet into their lifestyle.

Detoxifying Food


Our wellness diet plans in Dubai are curated to detoxify your system from within, giving you a cleansing that helps get rid of toxins that lead to catastrophic diseases.

Low calorie meal

Low Calories

With our wellness meal plan, you can keep track of how many calories you are consuming, thereby giving you greater control over maintaining the wellness of your body.


Get a load of all the nutrients in their potent forms from the wellness meals prepared by our professional chefs in consultation with our expert nutritionists to give your body a wellness boost.

Low carb meal

High Fiber

As our wellness diet plan in UAE is rich in high fiber, you give yourself better odds of avoiding the risks of lifestyle diseases while also drastically improving your digestion.

High fiber meal
3 Steps to Reach Your Health Goals

How Does the Wellness Meal Plan Work?

Maintaining overall wellness requires a pragmatic and linear approach to health, and we make that possible for you with the execution of three simple steps that you can complete from the comfort of your home.

Decide Your Health Goals

Get in charge of what should be the narrative of your fitness journey by deciding your health goals. Our diet plans for wellness allow you to achieve those health goals in a systematic approach to turn your vision into reality.

Customize Your Diet

Give your wellness meal plan in Dubai your distinct touch by customizing it as per your needs, tastes, requirements, and preferences. Our chefs will curate your personalized meals according to your diet preferences.

Confirm Your Details

Provide us with all the relevant information related to address, delivery, and payment details, and enjoy delicious healthy meals every day. It includes everything from breakfast to dinner, along with drinks.

Our Pricing

Eat Well, Pay Less: Affordable Meal Plans Await!

NOTE: Pricing is not inclusive of VAT.

5 days per week

AED 1999 per month
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Drink
  • 1600kcal - 2000kcal
  • Free Daily Deliveries
  • 20 Deliveries
  • Thermal Bag (x2) - AED200.00 Refundable Deposit

6 days per week

AED 2299 per month
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Drink
  • 1600kcal - 2000kcal
  • Free Daily Deliveries
  • 24 Deliveries
  • Thermal Bag (x2) - AED200.00 Refundable Deposit

7 days per week

AED 2599 per month
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Drink
  • 1600kcal - 2000kcal
  • Free Daily Deliveries
  • 28 Deliveries
  • Thermal Bag (x2) - AED200.00 Refundable Deposit

Lets Get in Touch

We curate healthy meal plans that reflect your specific needs and requirements, maximizing your chances to remain healthy practically and affordably. Live your healthiest self by making our diet plan a part of your life.

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Why Choose Us

Benefits of Our Wellness Diet Plan

Our wellness meal plans in Dubai are effective because they are decided by you and prepared for you, keeping your health at the forefront of every decision.

Fresh and Nutritious Ingredients

Carefully Curated Meal Plans by Experts

Deliveries in Eco-friendly Packages

Caring and Fulfilling Your Daily Nutritional Needs

Earning rave reviews and becoming the first choice of countless health-conscious individuals in the nation, what makes our meal plans distinct from others is the attention to detail to fulfill your specific demand.

Genius Assistance

Nutrition Consultation

By preparing your meals under the supervision of expert nutritionists, we ensure that we follow a scientific approach while mapping out your meals.

Furthermore, with no compromise on the taste, we are redefining how healthy meal plans have been traditionally viewed from a culinary perspective.


Free Diet

Consult with our in-house nutritionists free of charge before you sign up to get clarity on which route to undertake to give yourself the best odds to maintain the overall wellness of your body.

Multi food

Multilingual Specialists

Given the diverse culture of the UAE, we make sure our nutritionists are well-versed in multiple languages so that you can speak your heart out to them while curating your wellness meal plan.

Have A Question?


Get Answers to common questions related to the Wellness Meal Plan.

We believe in addressing your concerns at the grassroots level, which helps accelerate the process of reaching your fitness goal of maintaining the overall wellness of your body.

What is the best meal plan for overall health?

The best meal plan for overall health is our wellness meal plan in UAE since it is prepared considering the wholesome effect it has on your body. It addresses multiple aspects of your health, boosting its efficacy much more.

From keeping you energized and rejuvenated to maintaining your agility and helping you avoid diseases, the potential of our wellness diet plan is endless. Moreover, its adaptability to a wide range of people makes it much more popular.

Yes, we do. We understand that many people in the nation follow a vegetarian diet, and we want them to feel included in our meal plans. We have fantastic vegetarian options with equal health benefits for our vegetarian customers who want to opt for our wellness meal plan.

You will get all three major meals of the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To add to the bonus, we also provide healthy snacks to munch on and healthy beverages to keep you hydrated.

Our wellness meal plan can aid you in weight loss to an extent. However, we have a separate weight loss meal plan for losing weight, and you can even curate your plan in a fashion that will specifically address your weight loss concerns.