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Weight Loss Meal Plan

The healthier way of losing weight

It's Easy to Have Your Desired Weight

Diet Plans for Weight Loss

More often than not, in a desperate attempt to lose weight, people often are blinded to ignore their nutritional needs and health, leading to catastrophic results.

We help you adopt a healthy diet plan for weight loss wherein you can shed unwanted fat without jeopardizing your health. After all, weight loss meal plans should be rewarding, which is exactly what we deliver.

What Sets Us Apart?

What to Expect?

When you avail of our services, you can expect top-notch diet plans for weight loss that have been carefully curated through detailed research from experts to give you long-term, wholesome results.


Low Calories

Our meal plans for weight loss are marked by their low-calorie content that helps you reduce body fat by keeping a close tab on exactly how much is going on your platter.

No-Sugar-weight loss meal

No Sugar

Our no-sugar meals are for everyone. It not only helps in weight management but also lowers the risks of obesity and high blood pressure.

Low Carb

Our weight loss diet plan in Dubai has a low-carb content that helps lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels and increase good HDL cholesterol levels.

Low-Carb-weight loss meal

High Fiber

The presence of high fiber in our weight loss meals helps lower the risks of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases and promotes improved digestion.

High fiber weight loss meal
3 Steps to Reach Your Healthy Goals

How Does the Weight Loss Meal Plan Work?

It’s not hard to have your perfect weight if you follow the right path. We are one of the most popular weight loss diet plan companies in Dubai. We provide you weight loss diet along with consultation to make your journey simpler and smoother.

Decide Your Health Goals

Deciding your health goal is the first step of your journey. Our diet plan for weight loss can help bridge the gap between the present and the desired body weight.

Customize Your Diet

Our in-house nutritionists can customize the weight loss meal plan according to your health goals. We also support you throughout your journey.

Confirm Your Details

Fill in all your necessary delivery and payment details and get your meal plans for weight loss delivered to the comfort of your home in bio-degradable packages.

Our Pricing

Eat Well, Pay Less: Affordable Meal Plans Await!

NOTE: Pricing is not inclusive of VAT.

5 days per week

AED 1799 per month
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Drink
  • 1200kcal - 1600kcal
  • Free Daily Deliveries
  • 20 Deliveries
  • Thermal Bag (x2) - AED200.00 Refundable Deposit

6 days per week

AED 1999 per month
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Drink
  • 1200kcal - 1600kcal
  • Free Daily Deliveries
  • 24 Deliveries
  • Thermal Bag (x2) - AED200.00 Refundable Deposit

7 days per week

AED 2299 per month
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snack + Drink
  • 1200kcal - 1600kcal
  • Free Daily Deliveries
  • 28 Deliveries
  • Thermal Bag (x2) - AED200.00 Refundable Deposit

Lets Get in Touch

Our team of Nutritionists can help you in choosing the right meal plan based on your present health condition and future health goals. We aim to create a healthier version of yourself that brings more energy, vitality, and activeness.

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Why Choose Us

Benefits of Our Weight Loss Diet Plan

Our weight loss meal plan is decided by you and prepared for you, keeping you at the forefront of every decision in your weight loss journey.

Fresh and Nutritious Ingredients

Carefully Curated Meal Plans by Experts

Deliveries in Eco-friendly Packages

Caring and Fulfilling Your Daily Nutritional Needs

Delivering high-quality and custom-based weight loss meals in Dubai, our services are the result of dedicated research and utmost care given to our customers to meet their health goals.

Genius Assistance

Nutrition Consultation

What makes us a highly sought-after weight loss meal plan company in Dubai is the steps we undertake to make the process as scientific as possible for you.

With our in-house nutritionists by your side, you are acquainted with the best path to take in your weight-loss journey.

Free Diet

Consulting with expert nutritionists is not only within an arm’s reach but also free of cost. Whether you subscribe to our diet plan or not, we are always ready to assist you.

Multilingual Specialists

Language will not be a barrier to hearing your concerns when you consult with our nutritionists. Our specialists can communicate in multiple languages.

Have A Question?


Get Answers to common questions related to the weight loss meal plan.

The weight loss meal plans that we serve address your concern at the root level and complement your fitness routine to accelerate the process of effective and healthy weight loss.

Can meal delivery services help you lose weight?

Our monthly weight loss meal plans in Dubai are curated and portioned in a way that directly addresses your concerns at the grassroot level, thereby aiding in weight loss management.

There is no single universal weight loss meal plan that works for everyone. This is why we provide customization where you can have a say in the portion and ingredients based on your preferences.

Your gender, age, metabolic rate, and activity level will play a pivotal role in dictating how much weight you are losing. Your commitment to follow our weight loss meal plans will factor in as well.

Since the ingredients we use will aid in promoting satiety, it will help you from binge eating. However, if you still feel hungry, you can opt for more proteins and smaller and more frequent meals.

Yes, of course. You can customize your food to include Indian delicacies in your weight loss diet. We offer an eclectic range of food so that you never get bored of consuming the same type of food day in and day out.

No matter where in the UAE you are, we will deliver our freshly prepared meals to you. Our services extend throughout the nation.  We will reach you between 2 am to 6 am. You can heat the meal whenever it is time to eat.

Yes, we do offer a trial. This helps you get an idea of the type of food and portion alongside the taste you will get when you sign up. We encourage you to opt for the trial offer first to see which meal plan works best for you.