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Ramadan Meal Plan

A rejuvenating platter for the holy month

Ramadan Diet
Nutritious and celebratory meal for the special occasion

Diet Plan for Ramadan

Having a balanced diet as part of the Ramadan meal plan is paramount because of the vigorous routine your body goes through due to the long fasting hours. With a proper meal before and after the fasting session, you ensure you reduce your hunger and thirst while energizing your body to go about the day.

With our healthy Ramadan diet plan, you sustain your body and ensure it receives all the essential nutrients it needs for healthy and wholesome living.

What Sets Us Apart?

What to Expect?

Our Ramadan meal plan is the cumulative effort of the meticulous research of our expert nutritionists and the decadent culinary skills of our professional chefs who collaborate to provide you with a meal for the holy month.



Experience the best Iftar delicacies such as steak strips pasta, baked Falafel salad, Tuscan butter salmon, Shredded Chicken Waldorf Bowl, and beef bourguignon, among others.



Begin your day with our Suhoor presentations of vanilla oats, strawberry waffles, mocha chia pudding, Grilled Chicken, and farmer’s breakfast.


Energize yourself with our nuts and salad bowl and dates and fresh fruit bowl as part of your snack routine during Ramadan.



Hydrate yourself with our detox beverages of drinks made from orange, apple, lemon, mint, ginger, carrot, cucumber, and celery, among others.

3 Steps to Reach Your Healthy Goals

How Does the Ramadan Meal Plan Work?

Stay healthy and satiate your nutritional needs during Ramadan with our carefully curated meal that you can have in three simple steps.

Decide What You Want

Build your Ramadan diet plan by choosing from our extensive platter of diverse dishes for your Suhoor and Iftar meals. Your choice will be our guide to your meals.

Customize Your Diet

A customized Ramadan meal plan will ensure you are aligning your health goals, preferences, tastes, and other allied dietary needs to the meal you are consuming.

Confirm Your Details

Provide us with your delivery address and payment details, and receive freshly prepared nutritious and delicious meals in sustainable packages at your home


Lets Get in Touch

Get the best of healthy and nutritious dishes during Ramadan because taking care of your health is paramount to getting through the rigorous fasting routine of this period. And we are here to aid you in providing just that.

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Genius Assistance

Nutrition Consultation

Since your body goes through a challenging period during Ramadan as part of the long and continuous fasting periods, you must seek the consultation of only the experts while curating your meal plan.

With our in-house nutritionist’s guide, you know your meals are being prepared with only researched ingredients that are known for their impeccable contribution to your health.

Free Diet

As you sign up for our Ramadan diet plan, curate your meal with the free nutritional consultation we provide who take into consideration your specific needs to build your meal.

Multilingual Specialists

Language will no longer be a barrier in communicating your needs as our in-house professional nutritionists are well-versed in a myriad of languages for your comfort.

Have A Question?


Get Answers to common questions related to the Ramadan meal plan.

Your concern is our priority, which is why we leave no stone unturned in researching to prepare the best Ramadan Meal for you.

What is a Ramadan meal plan?

Ramadan meal plan refers to the specially curated dietary plan for the holy month of Ramadan that involves long periods of fasting. The meal taken before and after the fasting period is important to maintain the nutritional balance of the body so that it remains energized.

It is important to consume a balanced diet during Ramadan that is filled with ingredients that are potent in their nutritional value and can keep the body satiated during the long hours of fasting. So, having a healthy proportion of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds is recommended before and after the fasting sessions.

Our Ramadan meal plan includes a diverse array of delicious and healthy dishes that you can have as part of your Iftar and Suhoor. Furthermore, we also provide a wide range of snacks, healthy beverages, and dates with our meal plan to give it the wholesomeness it deserves.

We deliver our Ramadan meals all across the UAE. So, no matter where in the country you order our meals from, we will deliver them to you in eco-friendly, sustainable packages.

To subscribe to our meal plans, you can call us at +971 56 511 4515, email your details to [email protected], or fill out our contact form and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.

Our certified nutritionists can help you select the best meal plan and customize that as per your requirements.